JUNE LONG WEEKEND-Lithgow 9th-11th June 2018

The Long Weekend at Lithgow was well attended with ten vehicles and their occupants. As to be expected, for that part of the world, the weather was quite cold and wet . However that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves as we visited the Lost City, Glow Worm Tunnel and an example of Aboriginal rock art at Black Fellas Hands. On the way home a trip was organised to Newnes in the Wollemi NP. The ruins at Newnes are a reminder that this beautiful,quiet locality was once a thriving and productive oil shale town.
The Lost City
The Lost City

Ancient Art at Blackfellow Hands

Beehive Kilns at Newnes:
Beehive Kilns at Newnes
Ruins of the Old Schoolhouse
Ruins of the Paraffin Sheds

Newnes Hotel: (1907) is the only building left from what was once a thriving mining town.